About us

Calico is the name derived from woven fabric made from unbleached and not fully processed cotton. Which set the vision for our products. We wanted to provide women with an alternative to chemically treated products during their periods. The more natural, biodegradable and organic cotton fibre the better.

At Calico our approach is centered around providing for the different types of flows that people often can have during their period.  We understand that no two people are the same which can be said for each individual's period. Which can mean when menstruating on some days you may start heavier and need a more absorbent pad or tampon. Or perhaps you start light and then get heavier towards the last few days. Which ever your flow for the month Calico will have a flow box to meet your needs.

Which is why we have altered our approach to create a "flow box" that contains a mixture of tampons and pads to suit your period.Calico

Our tampons start from light to super plus and our pads come in different density to suit day and night wearers. 

You can select a box suited to your flow for the month:

  • Light (light & regular tampon)
  • Medium (regular & super tampon)
  • Heavy (super tampon)
  • Super Heavy (super & super plus tampons)

You can alternatively still purchase boxes individually.

Calico uses 100% natural organic cotton as we believe that all bodies deserve the love intended by nature. This is why our tampons and pads contain no bleach or toxins and all raw materials sourced are cruelty free and environmentally-friendly.

Committed to reducing the use of plastic we only provide cardboard applicators and non-applicator tampons, so no plastic is involved, and our tampons are made from organic biodegradable cotton.

Our PE wrapper is sourced to be recyclable, we are always looking for future ways to ensure our products can offer the most natural fibres, whilst still being able to service its ultimate purpose so absorb blood.

So if we find better we will do better!