Organic Cotton Biodegradable Day Pads

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Our Organic Cotton fibre pads are: 

  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable

Calico Cotton day pads are bleach free and made with 100% unbleached cotton. This is because cotton is soft and kind to the skin. Its naturally hollow fibers ensure that it is  breathable whilst at the same time is strong and absorbent. Everything needed to ensure your period pads is working for the needs of your body and period flow.

No two periods are the same and because we know this, Calico aims to cater to different flows. So we offer a thick and thin day pad to suit the different flow types, so just simply  select the type of pad you will need. 

Each Calico cotton day box contains 14 day pads with wings.

You can order this alongside tampons or make use of our Calico combo. 

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